Pricing for Branding & Design

We match your budget to give you the best return on investment

Matching your budget

Every project is priced according to the individual brief for that project. This approach gives you the most value for money because you have control over the project budget while allowing us to focus on the points that will have the most impact.

This is about getting the best return on investment. Good design will pay for itself, so the greater the budget, the bigger the return. If you have a limited budget, we can work out the most effective approach.

The Price Guide Dream

We wish we could just publish a list of prices for various design services to make things simple, but it just doesn't work that way. Even the simplest design task will have many variables that have to be properly considered.

Let's think of Logo design where some designers will offer a free logo with every site, while others will charge tens of thousands for a logo.

The differences in these prices will reflect things like the amount of time, the experience of the designer or even the amount of people working on the logo. There are many other factors that reflect this.

This is why, when asked the price of design, the answer will often be: It depends on your budget?

Here are some prices and timescales to show where our prices start. These prices assume the work is very straight forward, with everything prepared in advance, with no chance of running over time.


ServiceStarting FromTimescale
Branding£20004 weeks
Website£4002 weeks
Logo£1001 week

Service Agreements

This is where we provide an agreed, ongoing service in return for a monthly fee. One of the great strengths of working this way is it allows us to really develop a good working relationship, meaning better results long term.

The other strength of working this way is it means businesses with a smaller budget can access design standards that are normally unaffordable to them.

With a service agreement Coton Creative Branding will be there to help you to maintain your brand and its assets, Our agreement may be used to cover all or some of the following services:

  • Site hosting and maintenance
  • Small changes to a website
  • Ongoing website SEO services

Prices for service agreements start from £20 per hour. Ad hoc work can be performed for £30 per hour.

One Off Projects

Some things only need to be done once in a while. Should you require a logo or a website designed, then we would have a conversation about what was required to get the best return on investment for that item. We would create a brief with some agreed milestones, costs and a target end date.

Sometimes the project can run over time, at which point we would discuss what happens with billing and targets then.


Before we begin a project, we will require an upfront payment. The amount depends on the scope of the project, which is usually 25% - 50%. The balance is then to be paid on completion of the project.