A brand is more than just a logo, it's what people think of your business!


By taking control of your brand, what you're really doing is trying to control how others see your business.


A good brand will help to raise your status compared to your competitors which will ultimately increase customer loyalty.


With a good brand strategy, you will be able to focus your marketing efforts more precisely, meaning a better return on investment.

It's all about strategy

Brand Strategy isn’t just about creating a nice logo and deciding on the best colours for your website. Whilst these things can contribute to the feel and look for your brand, having a creative branding strategy is so much more than that. So when you employ the services of Coton Creative Branding, our first step is to find about as much as we can about your business so that we can understand where it sits currently in the market place and where you want it to ultimately go. From here, we start to form a business branding strategy for your company to ensure your requirements are met.

The brand strategies first approach is what will give your business an added advantage over its competitors. This is because whilst your competitors will have a business plan in place, it is unlikely that they will all have a branding strategy that has been designed to enhance their marketing efforts. Customers tend to embrace brands that make them feel valued for their own unique personalities.

A brand strategy is important because it gives a company more clarity about the competitive market position and what your customer expects from you. This information will help to develop positive marketing strategies to perfect marketing messages, which will build a stronger brand and to maximise your competitiveness within the market place.

Our Services Include

Brand Strategy Consultation

This is where we analyse your existing brand. This is a time to look at all of the businesses’ strengths and weaknesses. It will also give you the chance to decide where you want to take your brand.

Brand Identity Creation

A new brand for your business, targeted specifically to grow your business and appeal to your ideal market.

Brand Guidelines

A document specifying all the details of your brand, including things like what colours are used and where, also what fonts are included.

Before you start branding

There are a few things you should know.

You need a strategy in place for this to work - a large part of branding is about understanding a business strategy and positioning the business to really make the most of that strategy.

Everyone has to be on board - by this I mean everyone, your clients, the management including any executives and directors, the office staff and factory workers.

Branding is not an overnight process - it can take weeks to get a brand in place, depending on the size of your business.

Branding is an ongoing process - to really make the most of a brand, you really want to keep revisiting it, measuring the results and forming new ideas.