Branding for Charities

Things are different for Charities. We like to help where we can.

We are committed to extending our generosity to registered charities through discounted branding services.

Our belief in the transformative power of charitable work drives us to provide these organizations with enhanced branding opportunities that can further amplify their positive impact on society.

It is our way of expressing gratitude and contributing to the important causes they champion.

Why we are so comitted to helping charities

In short, we have benefitted from charities more than most. Here is a picture of my boy, Freddie. As you can see has has complex medical needs. He was born with a rare brain condition that has impacted every area of his life.

There are two ways we have been supported by charities since Freddie's diagnosis.

Practical Help

The way healthcare and disability works in the UK is you get the most urgent things for free, like medication. All the other equipment needed is usually funded by charities. So for my boy we have received charity funding for:

  • A car seat
  • Adapted seating (a P-Pod)
  • Home adaptions
  • A load of other things

Nice things once in a while

The other thing that charities have done for us sending a Christmas gift, or provide a day out for the family. These things are often focused on my daughter, as well as my boy, this matters more than you could imagine. Lizzie has to put up with a lot simply by having a brother with complex health needs. These extra little things help to balance things out and make us feel like we're a normal family, even if only for a few hours.

Freddie - new chair

Paying it forward

The foundation of our commitment to helping charities lies in the transformative impact we have experienced firsthand from the support of charitable organizations. Among the causes that resonate deeply with us, those dedicated to assisting children with special needs hold a special place in our hearts. Having witnessed the challenges faced by these children and their families, we recognize the immense importance of the work carried out by such charities.

As such, we are driven to establish close partnerships with these organizations, offering our expertise, resources, and mentorship to aid them in their growth and expansion. By empowering these smaller charities to flourish, we envision a brighter future where they can reach more individuals in need.

We're diving in headfirst to team up with these smaller charities, rolling up our sleeves to help them blossom and reach even more folks who need a helping hand. Let's do this together!

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