Brand design for the clients you want!

We work closely with small and medium businesses to form a brand that will appeal to their audience. The hard work is done by us, allowing you to focus on your business.

  • Showing the value of what you are offering to your audience will attract new clients
  • Consistent branding to create more positive associations, meaning repeat business
  • Good working relationships and communication to reduce stress and get results

Let's bring the value of good design to your business together.

Strategic Design

More than just design, at Coton Creative Branding, we make tactical decisions which enhance our clients market position.

Working Partnership

We like to work closely with our clients to make sure we can get the best results for their businesses.

Growing Your Business

To deliver the biggest benefits, we stay connected with our clients to help to build their brand identity.

Our Services

Brand Identity

  • Create a New Brand
  • Improve an Existing Brand
  • Brand Strategy Consultation

Web Design

  • Building New Sites
  • Improving Existing Sites
  • Site Hosting & Maintenance

Graphic Design

  • Create a New Logo
  • Design Business Stationery
  • Arranging Printed Material

Providing businesses with a complete design & branding partnership is what we do best. We use strategic, targeted designs to promote your business in the best possible way. The idea is to tailor the design to appeal to your audience, helping you to stand out from your competitors. This puts you in a great position to increase your market value. We can achieve this easily by working really closely with our clients and forming a strong partnership.

When we carry out our branding services, we go much more into depth. We typically start with a few meetings to define our client’s brand strategy, creating user persona profiles and performing SWOT analysis etc. There is a lot of research that goes in to effective branding and this is all compiled into a report for our clients, along with any proposed recommendations.

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